When Krishna Calls: An Anita Ray Mystery
by Susan Oleksiw
Five Star Publishing (August 17, 2016)
ISBN-13: 978-1432832254

In the glorious beauty of a tropical night, a young woman abandons her daughter in the Hotel Delite compound and flees into the darkness. In the morning Anita Ray recognizes the child as the daughter of an employee, but before she can track her down, the police arrive at the hotel looking for her. She is the main suspect in the stabbing death of her husband. 

Anita is ready to let the police do their work as she prepares for a one-woman photography show in a prestigious gallery, but fate conspires against her. An accident wrecks her schedules as well as her car. She sets up her camera for one last shot, but it fails to work. When she inspects her camera she finds a piece of paper wrapped around the batteries and someone else's memory card inside.

Whether she likes it or not, Anita is drawn into the frantic search for a young mother and the murky world of moneylenders and debts of honor, a hidden corner of life in South India.

When Krishna Calls asks how far will a woman go for love and family? Anita Ray thinks she knows how Nisha would answer, but before it is all over, Anita must also answer that question. How far will she go to protect her family and her home?

For the Love of Pavarti: An Anita Ray Mystery
by Susan Oleksiw
(Five Star Mystery, May 2014)
ISBN: 1432828568

In the foothills of South India a man struggles against ropes tying him to an old bridge while the monsoon rages and wild animals forage for food. In the valley below, Anita Ray and Auntie Meena are stopped at a roadblock while their car is searched.

When Anita and Meena arrive at their destination, Lalita Amma’s household is in turmoil. During a break in the rain, Anita discovers a body washed into the riverbank. The police whisk away the corpse and refuse to answer questions.

For the Love of Parvati brings Anita Ray face to face with a killer determined to exact revenge for a code of honor broken, a lover determined to rescue his beloved, and a woman desperate to build a new life.

The Wrath of Shiva: An Anita Ray Mystery by Susan Oleksiw
(Five Star Mystery, June 2012)
ISBN 978-1-4328-2591-1

In a starred review from Library Journal for The Wrath of Shiva:
"Traditional beliefs, cultural expectations, and old-fashioned detecting make for a captivating cozy not to be missed. Beguiling Anita Ray winningly returns after her first entry, Under the Eye of Kali."

Anita Ray's family eagerly awaits the visit of Anita's cousin despite a servant's predictions that she will never arrive. When the prediction turns out to be true, Anita turns her attention to the maidservant, the astrologer urging the family matriarch to have an exorcism to end the servant's trances, and missing family antiques. Set in a tropical paradise, The Wrath of Shiva pulls back the curtain on traditional culture overwhelmed by the modern world.

Under the Eye of Kali
An Anita Ray Mystery featuring Anita Ray by Susan Oleksiw
Five Star Mystery, May 2010
ISBN 978-1-59414-871-2

In the middle of the tourist season in tropical South India, four American women meet over breakfast at Hotel Delite, where Anita Ray, an Indian-American young woman, helps her aunt manage the hotel. Two of the women are traveling together, and three seem to be from the same city. All seems idyllic until one woman goes missing and another becomes deathly ill. Anita  plunges into the mystery, to save a guest and her aunt's livelihood.

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