The Anita Ray Series

Anita Ray helps her Auntie Meena manage Hotel Delite, a resort hotel in South India. Anita prefers photography to the registration desk, but she's always on hand when a dead body turns up.

In Under the Eye of Kali, the future of Hotel Delite hangs in the balance when a guest goes missing and another one is drowned. Anita is undeterred while her aunt is terrified of her niece coming into contact with criminals.

In The Wrath of Shiva, Anita worries when her flighty cousin fails to show up for her annual visit. When she visits the oldest aunt in the family she discovers that all is not well, especially with the servants.

In For the Love of Parvati, Anita and her aunt visit a relative in the hills during the monsoon. As soon as she is able, Anita gets out for a walk and discovers a body washed down the mountain in a flooding river. Adding to this is a missing servant and a new maidservant no one knows anything about.

The worst almost comes to pass in When Krishna Calls, when Anita discovers that her aunt has mortgaged the hotel with a moneylender known to be unscrupulous.