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I began telling stories as soon as I could talk, and now channel those tales into crime fiction. I fell in love with India as a child, when I discovered stories about the country and its people. After living and studying there, I eventually turned to writing about it. The Anita Ray series features Indian American photographer Anita Ray living in her aunt's tourist hotel in South India. Auntie Meena despairs of her independent niece but holds her close when murder shows up.


I grew up along the New England coast, the perfect setting for nefarious doings. The Mellingham series features Chief of Police Joe Silva in a small town suspiciously like the one I grew up in. My short stories have appeared in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine and numerous anthologies and magazines.


With two other mystery writers, I co-founded Crime Spell Books, which publishes an annual anthology, Best New England Crime Stories. We get to read some of the best work by the best writers, and every year we host a group signing at Crime Bake, the premier mystery conference in the Northeast.


When not writing, I volunteer at a local library, and jury art for a gallery. Although I no longer teach, I still mentor writers from the various writers' groups I've participated in.