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The Pioneer Valley Series features Felicity O'Brien, farmer and healer, living and working in the Pioneer Valley in Central Massachusetts.



Below the Tree Line


Felicity O'Brien witnesses a car accident in which a woman dies, and later learns that the woman was on her way to Felicity's farm to tell her something of importance about her land. 




A dying woman tells Felicity about a special amulet she stole from Felicity's mother when both were children. Felicity goes in search of the jewelry and finds something else, something that upends her relationship with her fiance. Find Grave Legacy here


The Anita Ray Series follows Indian American photographer Anita Ray and her Auntie Meena at Hotel Delite as they cope with foreigners soaking up the sun and murder on the coast of South India. Find the Anita Ray series here.





Under the Eye of Kali


 A tourist disappears soon after she brags about slipping into Myanmar with medicine for a persecuted group, against the dictates of the military government.




The Wrath of Shiva


Anita's cousin fails to show up for a vacation. While the family worries, Anita discovers that important and valuable artifacts are missing from the home.




For the Love of Parvati


Anita and Auntie Meena are stranded at a relative's home in the hills during the monsoon. A terrorist has escaped and is heading to the village, and may be coming straight to the house. At the same time, the rains have driven wild animals down the hills toward the homes. 




When Krishna Calls


A hotel employee abandons her daughter in the hotel compound and flees into the night, escaping the police ready to arrest her for the murder of her husband. While Anita investigates the truth of the charge, Auntie Meena despairs. She has mortgaged the hotel for an enormous sum and can't pay it off.




In Sita's Shadow


Anita finds the current tour group filling the hotel to be among the most unusual. They don't even seem to like each other, and go their separate ways. One of them speaks the local language, but he evades Anita's questions and disappears into the resort.