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One Writer's World

Wolfsbane: Best New England Crime Stories 2023

Wolfsbane is the third anthology from Crime Spell Books, and once again we the editors are delighted with the number of stories we received. It's always hard to say no to a story you like but is not quite as good as others, or just as good but for which there isn't enough room. Anyone who has judged stories for a contest or collection or anthology knows the wrenching feeling of having to say no.


After that the challenge is to bring into a compatible uniformity stories whose authors are as different as any writers can be. Added is the goal of keeping each individual voice and, if appropriate, quirky sense of humor. 


Editing these anthologies has also stretched me as a reader. Although I greatly admire Ray Bradbury, I rarely seek out fiction beyond standard crime and mystery writing. But reading whatever comes over the transom requires openness to the new, the different, the peculiar, anything beyond what I'm used to as a reader. I love the experience of exploring other genres, meeting other writers on the page, and finding new ways to handle fictional situations. In 21 stories, just about everything is covered.


Wolfsbane is available here

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